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We plan, design and build awesome responsive websites for small businesses and organizations.

Websites Development

We design and build professional websites for small businesses and organizations looking to grow online. Our services help businesses solve problems, reach more customers and drive growth. Is your website working hard enough for your small business?

Mobile Web Design

We're experts in developing mobile-friendly websites that help generate more leads and sales. We make sure your website is optimized for all mobile devices no matter the screen size. With mobile browsing set to overtake desktop browsing in 2014, a mobile website is critical to your online success.

Web Consulting

We work with small businesses to solve problems using web solutions and digital strategies. Whether you need a CRM or CMS solution for your small business website or need to improve your site's search engine optimization (SEO), we can help.


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So, how much does it cost?

We always help our clients to purchase and setup a Domain Name and Hosting of their choice.

Basic Website

$3000 - $6000

"Basic Website" is perfect for those who want to show their identity on the web. The website will consist of 3-5 pages and there is no need for plug-ins, databases or 3rd-party integrations.

Medium-size Website

$5000 - $11000

"Medium-size Website" is geared towards those who are looking for an enhanced website with multiple pages from a photo gallery to a contact us form. The website will consist of no more than 20 pages and there is no need for plug-ins, databases or 3rd-party integrations.

Large-size Website

$10000 - TBD

We define "Large-size Website" as a website that requires lots of space for media and data storage. The website will consist of no more than 30 pages with minimal database and 3rd party integrations. For e-commerce websites an e-commerce solution can be offered, and no ERP.

Our web design process

Basically what do you need your website or app to be for your business?

Step 1: The Initial Consultation

When we first meet with a new web design client, we have a lot of questions. These questions are designed to not only figure out your personal style preferences, but also to get to the heart of what it is you need your website to be for your business. To be more specific, we need to know about your customers or website visitors and what they expect out of your website. After all, its great if you love your new site, but if your customers don’t find it useful, it won’t do you or your business much good. Here are some questions you can expect to be asked:

  • Who are your main competitors?
  • What sets your business apart from your competitors?
  • Can you describe your target customer?
  • What is the main specific goal for the website?
  • What are some existing website designs that you like and why?
  • What specific functionalities would you like included on your website design?

Once we have the answers to these and other questions, we are ready to move onto the next step in the web design process.


Step 2: Discovery

Once we know our clients’ needs for their website design, we have a bit of researching to do. This is where we put together a plan of action based on your customer profile, your competition and what you need to accomplish. We look at what works in your specific niche, and we even look at what others are doing wrong, and see where we can succeed where others have failed.


We also decide what technologies make sense for your website and make a plan for how to include them into the web design.


Step 3: Site Architecture Planning

Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we can begin giving your website its structure. We do this in a process called wireframing. The goal of wireframing is to determine the overall organization, page hierarchy and linking structure. We analyze your unique needs, and we implement accepted best practices to ensure that your website design has a consistent and logical flow.


This is a critical step. It is in the planning phase where the usability of the website is designed. Bad usability sends potential customers running, while an easy to use website can keep them around longer, turning them from “potentials” into “customers.” After the overall structure of the design is nailed down, we can get on with the fun part.


Step 4: Visual Web Design

This is where we take the organization from the previous step and make it come to life in a visually appealing way. Good web design should make it easy for website visitors to know what to do and where to go in an instinctive way. We are able to use our abundant creative resources to make a custom website design that not only looks great, but is appropriate to your business and your end users.


We start by designing the homepage. It is a logical first step, since the homepage is almost always the first impression your site will make on your customers. It is here that we determine the color scheme, fonts and overall style that will carry across the site as a whole. Once we have the homepage designed, we present it to our client for approval. Since the web design process is a collaborative one, we welcome feedback from our clients as we hone in on the final design. Most websites go through an evolution during this process as we gather this feedback and use it to improve the overall design to meet our clients’ needs. We promise to always provide expert advice to our clients if we feel something they are asking for is not in the best interest of the project and their business.


Once the homepage is locked in and signed off on by our client, we begin designing a sample internal page for similar approval. After this is complete and signed off on, we can begin the web design of the entire site. Throughout the process, there is always an open dialogue and collaboration between us and our clients. Changes are made as necessary, until we focus in on the final approved website design.


Step 5: Website Development

Being the final phase, this where everything comes together and the real magic happens. Creative design meets the most up-to-date technology when our development team brings our designs to life. Now is when we get to implement all the functionalities that we have planned from the discovery phase and see them in action.


Once the development is finished to our standards, we then put it through its paces and test in all of the major web browsers to ensure that it will work for your customers. All of this testing is done on our own servers, and once it has passed all of the necessary tests, and is approved by our client, it is then transferred to their own web host, and tested once again for any remaining issues. Then in the final magic moment, it is made live and visible for all the internet to see.


What Our Clients Are Saying:

“Working with North Leaf Studios has been a dream come true. Having not had to deal with too much  of this in the past, the experience that I had was effortless. North Leaf Studios was able to key in quickly, he was able to bring us a dynamic web design that I think is unique and distinctive in our market. And between the time-responsiveness and the cost-effectiveness, I can’t recommend North Leaf Studios enough. The great thing about (our) website is that we uniformly get very positive remarks on how it looks, how easy it is to use, and some people have even brought up  that the color scheme is very nicely done. So its nice to know that when people go to the website, they are able to get the information that they need, and its an easy to use and attractive website. In our market, as competitive as it is, you always want something that people remember and that they recognize. We got that through North Leaf Studios.”

-Steven Helman, partner at Helman Group, Vancouver, BC


“My experience working with North Leaf Studios was extremely positive. There were fresh and unique ideas, and they had a very modern approach. They were very responsive to our concerns, and they provided a lot of insight to make our website that much better, that much more fresh. And they let us know what was coming up in the industry, rather than us having to figure it out on our own. Being able to update the website on our own is very important in our business, and so for us to be able to have a staff member dedicated to updating our website, and having that process easy, streamlined and user-friendly is really important, and we found that it has been very easy for us to keep all updates on our website and make changes as necessary.”

-Ken Struk, director at Sinese Resturents, Calgary, AB

Our Amazing Team

Whether it’s a website, app, or feature, our team is the ground crew working tirelessly to ensure your successful launch.

Ken Hamilton

CEO & Founder

A tech aficionado with an entrepreneurial streak, Ken brings over 10 years of dedicated information technology and interface design experience gained in consulting, direct sales and product development roles. Ken has conceptualized and implemented diverse technology and design solutions for leading advertising, pharmaceutical and finance companies, government agencies and non-profits. He is responsible for managing the execution of all design, software and internet related engagements for the company.

James Thomson

Operations Manager

James brings 20+ years experience in management, branding, operations and advertising for a wide range of companies – from $500,000 start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations. James's expertise in the industry is matching client goals with audience needs and distilling those thoughts into insightful, actionable creative strategy. James's strength lies in his ability to direct both the creative elements along with the day-to-day logistics and operations needed for optimal outcome, particularly when it comes to strategic branding.

Grey Motekiatis

Project Manager

Grey is a musician, mentor with a local non-profit, and photographer. After graduating from the University of Calgary with a BA in Communications, Grey has worked in sales, hospitality, education, and software. Prior to joining North Leaf Studios, Grey managed his own company for more than 20 years, dedicated to the design and development of communications media that encompassed presentation graphics, video, and print to Fortune 100 companies.

Sam Comitta

Lead Developer

Sam earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Technology from University of Alberta in Edmonton and continues to pursue music composition, performance, and audio engineering. His passion for software design is fueled by opportunities to solve real world business headaches for frustrated technology users. Sam loves writing customized software that optimizes efficiency and enhances the user's experience.

Christine Owens

Software Developer

Christine moved to Calgary to join our team in 2012. She is passionate about test-driven agile development and new web technologies, and gets involved in the local tech community. When she’s not programming, Christine works on her software development skills and watching Star Wars (again).

Kal Marsh

Project Manager - Vancouver Island

After several years of experience as an entrepreneur, Kal brings a unique set of project management and strong software development to North Leaf Studios. Kal lives in Victoria BC and currently he is the face of North Leaf Studios on Vancouver Island. Kal began web development in 1998, with a simple HTML site that helped his family go into business. Now he designs server architectures, development workflows, and data applications with that same care for client success.

Our company mission from the start has been simple, to the point, and effective: Make good, reputable people and companies look great so that nobody can question their excellence.

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